Fanball Sports Network Blog Awards

The first annual Fanball sports network blog awards were announced today, and to my great surprise* I saw my name mentioned. There are a lot of really great blogs on this network, so to be recognized is certainly an honor.

* I was actually on the phone with Comcast when I read the message. My audible “holy crap” confused the customer service representative a little.

Here’s part of the email from Bryan Douglas, our fearless leader:

“With the passing of 2009 we have put another exciting sports year in the rearview and it is time for us to hand out some awards. We aren’t even a year old and I cannot tell you how honored I am to be a part of this group… it’s been an astounding start and I can’t thank you all enough for your effort and insane dedication. I’ve spoken with many of you lately either via email or phone to express some gratitude and to offer words of encouragement for the year ahead and now we are blessed to have an opportunity to give a select few an additional note of gratitude for outstanding performances put forth over the last 12 months…

This was unbelievably close… we crunched numbers and found it was so close that we put an eye on the sites for comments, interactions, Twitter and Facebook (we get numbers there as well… but we cans also check out your wall activities and see your posts and interactions and such), the frequency… we considered it all. In the end, the slight edge was won by With all things considered it was hard to deny Daniel Moroz has been putting forth a special effort in nearly every facet you might attach to the responsibilities of running a great blog. Daniel found tremendous support from his local community, he was recognized by respected publications and websites (those of you that have cracked this nut know how powerful it is… and it’s not easy to attain), he does quality work on the social media sites and his readers love to interact with him… it was just a great season for Dan and he continues to push forward for more. Congrats Daniel, well deserved and nicely done.”

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading and participating; whether it be in the comments here, or on Facebook or Twitter. I really enjoy what I do – I did it for over a year while getting 2-3 readers a day before moving to Camden Crazies – but it’s a great, great bonus that other people find some value in it. And I do always like talking baseball, so I don’t consider it work at all to be active in this area; to be awarded for your hobby is very cool. So again, thank you. Hopefully 2010 will be as good or better, though one always does need to be aware of regression to the mean.