Dave Trembley Fired

Shocking news, I know, but the O’s have finally fired manager Dave Trembley. I’ve shared some thoughts on this repeatedly in the past – mostly with regards to my surprise that another off-day went by without a move being made – but just to reiterate:

(1) I don’t think Dave is a particularly good manager, and I’ve questioned many of his decisions (line-up construction, like batting Cesar Izturis near the top of it ever; bullpen usage; etc).

(2) The mistakes I think he makes would probably  be made by the majority of major league managers, and a big part of a manager’s job is behind the scenes stuff that I have little knowledge about and can’t judge.

(3) In general, managers don’t have very big impacts on a team, and there’s more room for down-side than upside in my opinion.

(4) Whoever’s stepping in for Trembley – looks like Juan Samuel – is not actually an improvement in any way. It’s change based on emotion as far as I can tell, done to placate a frustrated fan-base (slash owner?).

(5) The players aren’t getting the job done this year, and that’s on them.

(6) The team should play better now, not because of a new manager but because the team isn’t actually this bad. Regression to the mean, dontcha know.

(7) Andy MacPhail is now going to take more heat, which he largely brought on himself by saying this year would be about wins and losses.

That’s all not to say that Trembley shouldn’t have been fired; it just isn’t that big of a deal and is more PR than anything else, I think.