Busy Weekend

No posting this weekend, as I’ll be best-manning it up at the wedding of my good friends Andrew and Brittany.

Andrew is, In fact, related to a former major league baseball player – a reliever who managed to accumulate just 1.2 WAR over his 12 season career. He actually reminds me of a relief pitcher himself (a closer) – often making things exciting by walking the bases loaded to start the 9th before escaping the jam and locking the win down for his team. I suppose in this analogy, that makes Brit the team defense – not always as front and center as the pitcher, but essential for a top-notch run prevention unit. And of course, a great defense can make even an average pitcher look fantastic. This is a preview of my toast, by the way. I’m trying to work a reference to FIP in there, just to make sure everyone hates it. “Marriage is a lot like Fielding Independent Pitching statistics… you need to focus on what’s important.”

Anyway, congratulations to those two crazy kids, and hopefully the O’s can win a few while I’m not paying attention.