Baltimore Orioles Roundtable Chat

The Baltimore Orioles Roundtable (BORT) didn’t last too long in blog form, but talking baseball is fun so Crawdaddy from Camden Depot suggested he move to having live web chats. So please join me, Craw, and Heath from Dempsey’s Army this evening at 8 pm to discuss the recent amateur draft, as well as any other O’s topics that come up. We’re hoping to get plenty of participation, so that we can make this a relatively frequent occurrence. Click Here to open up the chat window and join in.

Update: check out the chat transcript at the above link for info on the draft in particular, the Orioles player acquisition and development system in general, the potential pick-up of Jake Fox, the managerial search, and the O’s chances of cracking the 90 win mark in the next five years. Thanks for everyone who participated; it was a lot of fun. Looks like we’ll being doing it again next week.