32 Predictions Contest

The (now) annual predictions contest is finally up at Beyond the Box Score. Winner gets a prize (a real one), so if you have a minute you should give it your best shot (it’s fun, and I wrote some of the questions!). I wouldn’t recommend trying to steal too many of my answers (the bolded option, signifying which I think will be bigger) – it might be a better bet to just guess.

Question 1:
Wins by AL West first place team minus wins by AL West last place team
Wins by AL East third place team minus wins by AL East fourth place team

Question 2:
Matt Cain’s ERA
Cole Hamels’ ERA

Question 3:
Yuniesky Betancourt’s OPS
Albert Pujols’ SLG

Question 4:
Wins by the Royals, plus 5
Wins by the Mets

Question 5:
Franklin Gutierrez’s UZR+PosAdj
Adam Dunn’s UZR+PosAdj, times -1

Question 6:
Division Series appearances by New York teams
Division Series appearances by Los Angeles teams

Question 7:
Runs scored by Jason Heyward
Strikeouts by Stephen Strasburg

Question 8:
HRs by Adrian Beltre
HRs by Alfonso Soriano

Question 9:
Increase in David Wright’s Fangraphs WAR from 2009 to 2010
Increase in Nick Markakis’ Fangraphs WAR from 2009 to 2010

Question 10:
First time MVP and CY winners
Repeat MVP and CY winners

Question 11:
Outs by MLB leader (AB-H+GIDP+CS)
Plate appearances for Milton Bradley

Question 12:
Brewers starting pitchers with more than 2.5 Fangraphs WAR
Indians starting pitchers with more than 2.5 Fangraphs WAR

Question 13:
Jake Peavy’s ERA
Ricky Nolasco’s ERA

Question 14:
NL Central teams above 83 wins
NL West teams above 83 wins

Question 15:
Interleague wins by the National League
Wins of worst two MLB teams combined

Question 16:
SBs by last year’s HR leader, Albert Pujols
HRs by last year’s SB leader, Jacoby Ellsbury

Question 17:
IP by Ben Sheets
IP by Rich Harden

Question 18:
Most runs scored by one team in any game
Most HBP by any one player

Question 19:
World Series titles plus All-Star game victories by the AL
World Series titles plus All-Star game victories by the NL

Question 20:
Strikeouts by Mark Reynolds
Home runs by Mark Reynolds times five

Question 21:
Saves by the MLB leader
Doubles by the MLB leader

Question 22:
Runs scored by the Giants plus runs allowed by the Nationals
Runs scored by the Yankees plus runs allowed by the Mariners

Question 23:
Games played by Brandon Wood
Games played by Scott Sizemore

Question 24:
Total bases by Austin Jackson
RBIs by Ryan Howard and Miguel Cabrera combined

Question 25:
Joe Mauer’s AVG
Alexei Ramirez’ OBP

Question 26:
Intentional walks by Bobby Cox (the Braves)
Sacrifice bunts by Ron Gardenhire (the Twins)

Question 27:
Shutouts thrown by Roy Halladay
Shutouts thrown by any non-Philies team’s starters

Question 28:
Runs scored by Stephen Drew
Runs scored by JD Drew

Question 29:
Colby Lewis’ K/BB ratio
Mitch Talbot’s K/BB ratio

Question 30:
Wins by the Pirates
Wins by the Astros

Question 31:
In-season managerial changes
Official no-hitters thrown by individual pitchers.

Question 32:
Questions answered correctly by Sky, other than this one
Questions answered correctly by Sky’s mother, other than this one

(Angels Wins – Pythagorean Wins) + (Javier Vazquez’ ERA – FIP) * 10 + Ben Zobrist’s fWAR =

I’ll say 11.