2010 Manager Of The Year Award

The Manager of the Year award – named for Connie Mack in the BBA in honor of the Hall of Fame skipper – is seemingly given out more based on which teams over-preformed pre-season expectations than on any analysis of how well each manager managed (which is itself exceedingly difficult to get a handle on, and presumably that’s why the short-cut is in place). If someone thinks of a better way to go about it, let me know.

3. Terry Francona, BOS Injuries left and right; so much so that the likes of Daniel Nava, Darnell McDonald, and Bill Hall all got substantial playing time. And they still won 89 games.

2. Buck Showalter, BAL I don’t think he really did it, as I’ve said, but the O’s did go from 32-73 to 34-23. (Wow, I had no idea Buck won more games than the other two managers combined. That’s pretty amazing.)

1. Ron Gardenhire, MIN Yeah he does make a lot seemingly dumb game decisions, but the Twins won 94 games while missing Justin Morneau for half the season. Joe Poz has been arguing his case as a top manager for a while, and perhaps some of that has sunk in (6 Division titles in his 9 years).

Quick NL ballot:
3. Bruce Bochy
 2. Bobby Cox
1. Bud Black

I categorically refuse to put Dusty Baker on there, even if the Reds did win the Central. The BBA winners were Ron Washington and Bud Black.