Zack Greinke Is So Damn Awesome

Zack Greinke won the AL Cy Young award, with 25 of 28 first-place votes. It should have been unanimous, but I won’t quibble with that. Instead, I’d decided to bring attention to a few quotes from this NY Times article over at MLB Notebook. It talks about how Brian Bannister introduced Greinke to some saber-friendly stats (UZR, FIP). An excerpt’s below; click through for the full version.


“”To that end, Bannister introduced Greinke to FIP, or Fielding Independent Pitching, the statistic Greinke named Tuesday as his favorite. It is a formula that measures how well a pitcher performed, regardless of his fielders. According to, Greinke had the best FIP in the majors.”

And finally:

““That’s pretty much how I pitch, to try to keep my FIP as low as possible,” Greinke said.”

I don’t have much to add, though when I read the above quote yesterday (as referenced by others) I thought it was a joke. Inroads are being made – however slowly – and in Kansas City of all places”