This Pujols Guys Is Pretty Good At Baseball

You know who’s really, really good at baseball?  Albert Pujols. Like, really good. Great. Excellent. Exceptional, first-rate, marvelous, splendid, stupendous, super, superb, and valuable. I talk about that using numbers (instead of a thesaurus) over at MLB Notebook.  An excerpt’s below; click through for the full version.


“He’s stolen 11 bases this year, with a 79% success rate. That’s more stolen bases than Randy Winn (10, 25 last year), Corey Hart (9, 23 last year), Johnny Damon (8, 29 last year), or Alfonso Soriano (8, 19 last year).That’s in addition to his:
.327 batting average (7th in baseball, 3rd in the NL),
.446 OBP (1st),
.688 SLG (1st),
.457 wOBA (1st),
38 HR (1st in MLB),
91 R (1st),
102 RBI (tied for 1st),
36 IBB (1st… by 19),
1.83 BB/K ratio (1st),
54 batting runs above average (1st… by about 15 – he’s been almost a full win and a half better with the bat than the next closest hitter), and
6.2 Wins Above Replacement (1st amongst position players).”