Rhyne Hughes PTBNL In Zaun Trade

The Player TO Be Named Later in the Gregg Zaun trade has been announced, with 25 year-old first-baseman Rhyne Hughes coming over to Baltimore from Tampa Bay. He’s hitting .313/.361/.533 in Triple-A and .252/.340/.500 in Double-A this year, after putting up a .268/.356/.448 at that latter level last year.  He strikes out a lot (around 30% of the time) and has shown some ability to walk (around 10% of the time), and the left-handed batter has increased his power production this year (isolated power up from the .160-.180 range to around .235).  As I said when Zaun was traded, the realistic return was a C prospect.  That’s exactly what Hughes is, and with the additional info. that the O’s sent over some cash (don’t know how much) [Edit: Turns out it’s around $0.3 M. Not peanuts, but not nothing.], the trade was even for both sides. Perhaps Hughes and Brandon Snyder (sort of) platoon at first-base next year? Maybe?