PressBox Online Interview

Friend of the blog Daniel Rifkin put up part of the interview he did with Ian and me about Matt Wieters Facts over at PressBox, where he blogs. An excerpt’s below; click through for the full version.


“Could Matt Wieters throw a ball to second base so fast, that even Matt Wieters couldn’t steal on him?
Dan Moroz: Um, Matt Wieters is slow as crap, [laughs] so I think I could throw a ball to second base fast enough to get him stealing. I mean his arm is … it’s like different kinds of infinity. He’s infinitely fast … but he’s more infinitely good at throwing fast.

Ian Oland: [Laughs] Well done. Well said. That’s my answer, too.

How did Matt Wieters Facts come to be?
Moroz: Well, I noticed every time someone wrote a story about him before he came up about whether or not to bring him up, they would always say something ridiculous about how good he’s going to be, something really hyperbolic, and I also noticed every time there was a story about Wieters, [on the Internet] the comment section just devolved into these kinds of comments. So I was just like ‘Hey, I should gather all these together and put them on a blog for comedic reading.’ So I did that, and people liked it and started linking to it and at one point, Baseball America interviewed Wieters, and they asked him if he had seen this site, and he said he hadn’t, but we got so many hits from that, and I showed Ian, and Ian at that point was like, ‘Well this is getting really big.’

Oland: ‘This is gold!’

Moroz: The original design, it was just awful. It was just plain orange and really messed up looking.

Oland: It was almost unreadable, [laughs] which is why I was surprised Baseball America linked to it.

Moroz: It was like 99 percent content, 1 percent appearance. So Ian, who is quite good at graphic design if you haven’t noticed, decided to … spruce it up a bit.

Oland: For me too, it was the fact that I have been reading Moroz’s blog … every day the stuff was fantastic. And so part of the reason I wanted to get involved and spend my time — like I didn’t think I’d make any money from it at all — I was really excited to just promote Moroz, and I felt like, that would be a great thing to promote his blog and get him more known. So that was one of my main motivations, and also I’d been looking for projects just to get into sports, so for about two to three weeks I worked on the design of it, and do you remember when I got done? It was like late April?”