Potential Luke Scott To The Mariners Trade

Sometimes great minds really do think alike. Via Twitter today, with Zach Sanders of MLBNotebook:

zvsanders – What do you think the Orioles would want from the M’s for Luke Scott?

camdencrazies – Funny you should ask. I was thinking about that today, and was going to ask you what the M’s would be willing to give up for Luke

zvsanders – I would say maybe a couple mid-level prospects? Not much market, since they don’t have much competition.

camdencrazies – Scott as a LF is more valuable than as a DH, so SEA or ATL are the top spots I’d think. A B prospect would get it done I think.

camdencrazies – Do you have a link handy to a potential list of M’s prospects? And, I guess, info on how high up the M’s might be willing to go.

zvsanders – How about Justin Thomas LHP (C – Sickels ’09) and Mike Wilson OF (C+)? Think they’d be willing to part with those two

zvsanders – Sickels ’09 – http://www.minorleagueball.com/2009/1/2/707625/seattle-mariners-top-20-pre-season

zvsanders – And from TPA http://www.topprospectalert.com/2010seattlemarinersprospects.htm

camdencrazies – Don’t think that works. Thomas would be too far down the P depth chart, and similarly w/ Wilson in OF. IFs would be better.

zvsanders – Either Tui or DeJesus straight up could work I suppose. Don’t think they’d give up Tui easily, but the price could be right

camdencrazies – Those were the guys I was looking at as well, especially DeJesus. A DeJesus/Thomas combo might be pretty solid.

zvsanders – May be willing to do it to, wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll call Jack right now and let him know we worked it out for him.

camdencrazies – Andy already has me on hold.

Does the agreement look OK under closer inspection?

I have no idea if the teams have legitimately discussed a trade, but I think it makes a lot of sense for both sides. The Mariners could use some offense and a guy who can play the outfield in case Michael Saunders isn’t quite ready yet, and Safeco plays much more favorably to left-handed batters. The Orioles aren’t using Scott – who is a fine (average-ish) left-fielder – to his full potential, and he’s not exactly getting any younger or cheaper. The O’s could then play Pie full-time in left – gaining the benefit of his plus defense – and allow Reimold to DH most of the time (while filling in a little in left and maybe learning some first-base).

Jharmidy De Jesus is a 20 year-old third-baseman, who hit .249/.340/.385 in the Rookie League this year. He did bat .339/.417/.591 at that level last year, and .267/.316/.444 at low A-Ball. He is supposed to have some power, though the defense is still a work in progress. In the O’s farm system, third-base behind Josh Bell is a little bare (assuming Brandon Waring can’t stay there).

De Jesus alone probably isn’t enough to get a deal done as (likely) a B- or so prospect. Thomas as the throw-in doesn’t sound so good in retrospect, as a 26 year-old lefty without particularly good stuff, control, strike-out ability, or groundball rates isn’t worth a whole heck of a lot. I don’t know if 19 year-old shortstop Gabriel Noriega would be too much to add (at the request, Zach said “ Hell, throw him in. I’d still take it.”), but it would be an attractive option. He hit .311/.360/.456 in the Rookie league this season, and while his plate discipline is still developing he does have some tools defensively as well as offensively. A couple of young higher upside players on the left side of the infield (and potentially a very minor arm) for a guy (Scott) he’s pretty good but doesn’t really have a great place on the team? Sounds good to me.