Orioles Rumor Roundup

  • The Orioles still have some interest in Dan Uggla. As I said previously, it’s probably not the best idea.
  • Kelvim Escobar might be worth a flyer either as a starter or for the pen. When he’s healthy, he has great stuff.
  • No link, but the O’s have interest in Rafael Soriano (who accepted arbitration from the Braves and now wants a trade). Given that he’s likely to make $7+ M, I wouldn’t give up much more than a bag of balls for him. Nice job by Atlanta, by the way, signing Wagner and Saito, and then having Soriano come back. They’ll be paying almost $20 M for the back end of their bullpen, which should be good if everyone’s healthy (which – with this crew – is a sizable if).
  • An acquisition of Kevin Millwood is looking more likely.

The following tidbit almost made me throw something at my monitor:

“MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan believes the Orioles have cooled on Millwood. He says the Rangers were interested in Chris Tillman (which is crazy) while the O’s offered David Hernandez and Brandon Erbe (Erbe alone seems fair).”

Tillman?!?!? That is insane. A Millwood for Tillman deal – even with Texas picking up the entire $12 M contract and throwing in a Nolan Ryan signed baseball – would be a fireable offense for the GM.

If the Orioles really offered Hernandez and Erbe, then I’m extremely disappointed. Unless substantial money is coming back (more than half, at least), I wouldn’t send Hernandez over. No way on Erbe.

This is just crazy. The Orioles absolutely should not mortgage even minor pieces of the future for a league average starter in 2010. It makes no sense, and hopefully it can be chalked up to reporters needing some material as opposed to real substance. [Please let that be the case.]