Orioles Magic, Feel It Happen

I wasn’t planning on saying anything about tonight’s O’s-Red Sox game – especially after the Orioles fell behind 10-1 and there was a long rain delay – but man have things changed. I guess I picked a pretty good night to start twittering (join Camden Crazies on twitter): (Starting after the rain delay, with non-twitter commentary in italics.)

After having all those games against the NL, it’s hard to watch the O’s get knocked around by the Red Sox. It’s taken a few years, but I’ve finally gotten to the point that I actually prefer Yankees fans to Red Sox fans. At this point the O’s are down 10-1 and things are very frustrating.  I’m debating about whether or not to finish watching the game. With two outs in the bottom of the sixth the entire Boston defense leaves the field. I guess they feel they don’t even need to get 3 outs. This comes after Jason Varitek picked up an RBI earlier in the game via a HBP with the bases loaded.  Thing was, he wasn’t actually hit by a pitch and the umpire didn’t even call it until after Varitek told him to. O’s staging a mini-comeback in the 7th. Single-Single-RBI Double by Luke – pinch hit, three run HR by Oscar Salazar. 10-5 now. Still expecting a loss, but at least they’re not just rolling over. Felix Pie drives in the 6th O’s run with his second hit of the game after coming in for Adam Jones (other was a 3B). Wish Pie got more PAs. Seriously, Pie is not a bad player.  He’s not a great player, but he can certainly contribute. Oh Felix. Pie throws out a runner at the plate to end the 8th and keep the score at 10-6. He’s only the O’s 4th OF, but I still like him. Oh goodness. Reimold, Scott, Salazar load the bases with no outs. Potential tying run coming to the plate in… Matt Wieters. I was thinking 10% chance of a grand slam and 75% chance of a double play. Wieters falls behind 0-2 but fights off a few of pitches and singles to left. 10-7 now, and Wigginton up with the bases still loaded. Crazy. After a Wiggy sac fly and what seemed like a 20 min AB by Roberts, a single to left makes to 10-9 with one out for Pie. Against Papelbon. Pie just takes a strike about 5 inches outside and Jim Palmer is pissed: “He should be ashamed of himself”. What an awful, awful call. Man. It really was a terrible call, and Palmer let the umpire have it. This is one of those situations in which I appreciate Palmer’s blunt honesty, and he unloaded on the ump for a few minutes.  Said he should be sent to the minors and all kinds of stuff. Pie struck out swinging, by the way. Nick Markakis makes up for it! Two-run double into the left-center gap and the O’s have taken an 11-10 lead! Amazing, just amazing. Great piece of hitting by Nick against a very good pitcher. George Sherrill gives up a lead-off single and a two-out HBP (for real this time) in the ninth, but strike out Jason Bay to end the game. This sets the record for the largest O’s comeback ever, and boy was it ever exciting. If there was ever a game that called for a rendition of Orioles Magic – even an older version – this is it.