NL Cy Young Voters Get It Right

Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for winning the NL Cy Young award this year, as well as to the BBWAA voters for actually giving it to him. I was fairly sure that Chris Carpenter was going to win based on his league leading 2.24 ERA and 17-4 record, or – failing that – it would go to his Cardinals teammate Adam Wainwright (2.63 ERA, 19-8). I looked how the voting has improved – what with the best pitcher actually winning – over at MLB Notebook. An excerpt can be found below; click through for the full version.


“Wainwright actually got the most first-place votes (12), followed by Lincecum (11) and Carpenter (9), but he ended up in third-place by points (though just 10 behind Timmy).

Lincecum was the correct call in my opinion, having placed him first on my “ballot”:

1. Tim Lincecum (SP, SFG)2.48 ERA, 225.1 IP, 261 K, 68 BB,10 HR, 2.34 FIP, 2.60 tERA, 8.2 WAR

He was 2nd in ERA and expected FIP (2.94); 1st in K’s, FIP, WAR, complete games (4), shutouts (2),and K/9 (10.4). He was – by far – the most valuable pitcher in the NL this year, despite having a 15-6 record.

The improvement shown with the Cy Young voting is actually fairly amazing. Even a couple years ago, there was a good chance that Felix Hernandez would have won in the AL and one of the Cards’ pitchers in the NL (and we can all remember Bartolo Colon over Johan Santana in ’05). Such progress (though there’s still work to be done) is heartening. Lincecum became the first starting pitcher to win a Cy Young with only 15 victories (in a full season), so maybe the focus on W’s really is being wiped away.”