Miguel Tejada: The Anti-TTO Player

The Three True Outcomes are a walk, strikeout or home run. You often hear about these TTO guys, like Adam Dunn, Jack Cust, Carlos Pena, and Russell Branyon, but less well known are the anti-TTO guys. And nobodies been less of a Three True Outcomes batter this year than Miguel Tejada. I took a look at Miggy’s interesting season over at MLB Notebook.  An excerpt’s below; click through for the full version.


“Tejada has never been a big walker, with his career high of 66 coming way back in 2000. In his years with the Orioles it was in the 40s every year, and after he was traded to Houston he drew only 24 base on balls. Miggy took it to new lows in 2009, walking just 19 times. His minuscule 2.9% walk rate was the second lowest in baseball (amongst qualified batters), with only perennial free-swinger Bengie Molina ahead of him at 2.6%.

Tejada also cut his already low strike-out rate to just 7.6% (48 K’s in 635 AB), which was third in baseball behind Dustin Pedroia and Placido Polanco. Taking out his 14 home runs, Miggy’s plate appearances ended with a ball in play a league leading 88% of the time. You know, he likes to keep the opposing defense on their toes.

When you’re putting the ball in play that much you’ve got a fair chance to hit for a good average, and Tejada was 15th in baseball with his .313 mark.  No walks meant his OBP wasn’t much higher at .340, but he did knock out 46 doubles to get his SLG up to .455. Though his defense at short wasn’t great (-12.7 runs relative to average according to UZR), his bat bouncing back after a rough 2008 (.283/.314/.415) kept his value up at 2.7 Wins Above Replacement.”