Interviewing Pitcher Kam Mickolio (By Right Off Russell)

Friend of the blog Matt Sadler from over at Right Off Russell has a knack for getting interviews with players (live & in person!), and he was nice enough to let me pass along a couple questions for him to ask of O’s reliever Kam Mickolio.  They were (1) how his strategy for pitching to righties and lefties differs (because of the cross-fire delivery) and (2) where did he get the nickname “The Almighty”?

The answers were (1) nothing in particular different, probably more sinkers to lefties and (2) he’d never heard about the nickname.  I don’t remember where I first heard “The Almighty”, but I’ve been calling him that since he came to Baltimore and it’s an awesome nickname (especially for a closer!).  Maybe now it’ll really catch on.