How About If O’s Trade For Dan Uggla?

More trade rumors, this time with the O’s being interesting in Florida second-baseman Dan Uggla, who they would presumably move to third-base. Uggla can certainly swing the bat with a career .257/.344/.482 line, but his defense isn’t great (-9.6 UZR/150 last year, -2.9 UZR/150 career) and he only has two years before he’s a free agent. If you DH him due to the defense though, you lose some value since he’s not a complete butcher with the glove. Uggla’s career WAR marks (’09 first) are: 2.9, 4.7, 2.7, and 4.1.

Assume he’s about a 3.5 Wins Above Replacement player and that he gets 60% and 80% of his full value in arbitration, and that’s a little less than $10 M in excess value to his team. And that doesn’t account for any aging for the 29 year old. Brandon Erbe should be about what is takes to get a deal done (and might be on the high side), but I imagine the Marlins would want a fair bit more than that. Therefore I’d take a pass. [Edit: Maybe not. Sounds like Florida would be OK with a second-tier pitching prospect. In that case, it might be doable and I’d need to see some actual specifics on a deal. I still think trying to find a bargain in free agency is the way to go. Get less production and less value, but get to keep your prospects.]