Brian Matusz: To Call Or Not To Call?

By popular request – and by popular I mean once by Andrew from The Loss Column – here are my thoughts on whether or not Brian Matusz should be called up to start due to the injuries to Brad Bergesen and Rich Hill.  Matusz was great in A-Ball (4-2, 2.16 ERA, 2.91 FIP, 10.13 K/9, 2.84 BB/9) and has been great since being promoted to Double-A (7-0, 1.59 ERA, 2.52 FIP, 8.93 K/9, 1.99 BB/9).  I think he could certainly hold his own in the majors right now, and he is – at 22 – older than Chris Tillman, who made his debut last week.  That said, if the team is only looking for a couple of starts until Bergy gets healthy I’d be hesitent to disrupt Matusz’s development.  If he’s going to come to the majors, I think it should either be just to get a look this September, or sometime next year when he’ll have a prolonged chance to work and make adjustments. Dave Pauley has been decent in Triple-A this year (7-9, 4.08 ERA, 4.08 FIP – how often do you see that? – 6.28 K/9, 2.38 BB/9, and a solid 49% groundball rate), and could be worth a look. Andy MacPhail has been just patient enough with prospects thus far, so if he decides to call Matusz up I won’t be mad.  If I had all the information that he does, I might be more inclined to make that call as well.  From my perspective though, I’m OK with waiting.