Aubrey Huff Traded To Detroit For Hard-Throwing Reliever

I had been a little surprised that the Orioles didn’t trade Aubrey Huff before the deadline, but with his contract there wouldn’t have been an issue sending him through waivers.  And so it was, with Huff being sent over to the Detroit Tigers in return for hard-throwing right-handed relief pitcher Brett Jacobson. The 22 year-old has a 3.74 ERA in A-Ball this year, with 7.16 K/9, 2.77 BB/9, and 0.98 HR/9.  He also gets a lot of groundballs (53%), which is nice to see, and was a fourth-round pick in last year’s draft.

When I was previously looking at the possibility of trading Huff, I said the return wouldn’t have to be too great:

“To come out better overall – on average – the team would need to acquire, more or less, nothing.  A bag of balls.  To make up for the top bound of the larger range, the team would only need a C/C+ type prospect (especially if it’s a younger one). That means that it’s really about what would the team looking to pick Huff up are willing to send over, and how much magic Andy MacPhail can work.”

Jacobson came into the season rated as a B- prospect, and was anywhere from Detroit’s top 10 to their top 5. His 2009 season has been solid – but not spectacular – so maybe he’d be dropped down to a C+.  That’s still good value for Huff though.

I also mentioned the Tigers as a potential partner:

“They’re in first place in the AL Central with a 48-39 record and could likely use a left-handed batter to complement Marcus Thames (.272/.331/.544, but much better against lefties than righties) at DH.  Considering that they’re already getting OK production there and have Miguel Cabrera (.321/.384/.542) at first, I don’t know if Detroit would be willing to give up all that much. Perhaps a young hard-throwing relief pitching prospect (which the Tigers have several of).”

Lucky guess.