AL Manager Of The Year Award

One of my responsibilities (privileges) as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is to vote on the year-end awards (MVP, Cy Young, ROY, and Manager of the Year). As an Orioles blog, I’ll be voting only for the American League awards (but I may do NL anyway at some point). For the MOY, I don’t really know how to vote. I’ve never been a believer that the manager has a big impact on a team’s win total, and that they might have more downside than upside. The manager quality probably is one of those things that only the fans who follow the team on a day-to-day basis have an appreciation for. In any case, here’s my best guesses for top three AL managers of 2009.

3. Ron Washington (TEX)

The Rangers won way more games than I expected them to.

2. Mike Scioscia (LAA)

The Angels dealt with some tough stuff this year, and ended up winning 97 games despite me thinking they wouldn’t be that great before the season.

1. Don Wakamatsu (SEA)

Seattle pulled out a good record after an atrocious 2008. He was hired by Jack Z, so I assume he knows what he’s doing. And it seemed like USSMariner liked him. That’s good enough for me.