A Blogger’s Reward

Following up on my post about the BBA Rookie of the Year awards, in which I expressed surprise that Brett Anderson – who I put first overall – got almost no support whatsoever (he was listed 2nd by The Tao of Stieb and that’s it):

As a refresher, when discussing the ROY results TToS said: “And full marks to the kids at Camden Crazies, who had the stones to put Anderson at the top of their list.”*

* I bring this up again not so much to gloat or anything like that. It’s more that it’s still amazing to me that people take this hobby of mine seriously and give me some measure of respect for it. I don’t know how that happened, but it’s really cool.

In that post was the following comment (emphasis added) from Hippeaux:

“I totally agree. I voted on the NL side, but Anderson definitely would’ve made my AL ballot if I had one. Camden Crazies post even convinced me he’s worthy of #1. Anderson is going to be even better next year and before too long he’ll be ready to follow Tim Hudson and Dan Haren to a contender.”

That might be the most rewarding thing I’ve seen since I started blogging. Sometimes people doing important things say that if they’ve made just one person’s life better, then all of their work would have been worth it. Well I’m not helping people get health care or feeding the hungry, but seeing that I was able to convince at least one person that Brett Anderson deserved the AL Rookie of the Year award has made all my work here worth it.

One of the amusing things to me about this, is that I’m not especially a Brett Anderson fan. I just championed his cause because I thought it was correct. With Lincecum taking the BBA NL Cy Young in what I think was an upset – though I had Timmy first and it was certainly the right decision in my opinion – and Greinke the AL Cy Young, Andrew McCutchen the NL ROY, and Pujols and Mauer almost assuredly winning the MVP awards, the AL ROY was the only place I differed from the consensus (and thus was really in a position to convince others). At least in one instance, I succeeded.